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SK # 80000

2-Gal Conical Fermenting System

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Does not include a Stick-on Temp Gauge.


Brew like the pros with this BrewDemon Conical Fermenting System. Great for brewing beer, hard cider and wine. Our fermenter is made of a heat resistant, food grade PVC plastic that does not inpart any flavor into your beer or hard cider. The conical design allows for easy transfer of your beer into bottles while that pesky trub (inactive yeast and other unwelcomed items) stays securely at the bottom.



  • (1) Conical Fermenter
  • (1) Fermenter Base
  • (1) Adjustable Flow Tap Assembly
  • (1) Venting Plug


Brewing Note

This is a 3-gallon fermenter designed to make 2-gallon and 2.5-gallon batches of beer.


How Our Fermenter Stack Up Against The Competition

A competitors little brown keg vs the BrewDemon little demon conical.

  LBK BrewDemon's LDC
True Volume (LDC has 2.5 cups more headspace) 2.968 gal 3.125 gal
2-Gal Batch Size
Adjustable Flow Spigot
Seamless Spigot Hole Design  
Versatile CO2 Venting System  
Optional Airlock  
Conical Design  
Larger Opening (for easy access)  
Smoother Inner Surface  
Easiest to Bottle  
Easiest to Clean  
Looks Great in your Kitchen  
Makes a Better Beer  


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