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Pale Horse Pale Export Unhopped Malt Extract
SK # 20418

Pale Horse Pale Export

Individual Ingredients
Availability: In Stock

Requires hopped malt extract to make beer.


A coveted blend of the lightest malts available, use it to create mind–blowing pale ales, lagers or pilsners. This unhopped malt extract (UME) contains; malted barley and water. No additives or preservatives. Brewdemon mixes feature complex blends of specialty malts, combined with the finest hops by master brewers in new zealand’s famous speight’s brewery, providing the optimum flavor profiles for world-class beers.



  • (1) 550g can of Pale Horse Pale Export UME


Brewing Note

Along with hopped malt extract, this unhopped malt will make 2-gallons of beer.


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