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18” Plastic Spoon

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A metal spoon is great. Attractive, easy to clean and sanitize, but their hard edges do have the potential to scratch your fermenter. Wooden spoons, well they are harbingers of filth. Sanitize all you want that bad boy is staying dirty. No, the tool you need for this job is a plastic spoon, soft enough not to scratch but non-porous enough to leave filth without a refuge. And BrewDemon® is not just offering any plastic spoon. This particular high tech utensil is made from heat resistant polymers, making it able to withstand the boiling temperatures of your wort. This spoon makes it a perfect tool to use when adding your yeast to your beer (called pitching). Order this high temp plastic spoon and you’ll have a bacteria free, heat resistant multi-use brewing tool.



  • 18” Heat tolerant plastic spoon


Brewing Note

Sanitize everything before using.

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