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SK # 86000

Big Demon Conical Fermenter (Amber)

  2 reviews
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Now includes Lid Gasket and 3-Piece Airlock.


Never enough beer in the house? Then it's time to step up production with our new Big Demon Conical! This 8 gallon fermenter has the perfect volume for brewing a 6 gallon (or  5  gallon) batch of beer, hard cider, wine or mead. This fermenter is made of a heat resistant, food grade plastic that is Phthalate and BPA free and imparts no unwanted flavors into your brew and the amber color helps protect against harmful UV rays. The conical design allows for easy transfer of your beer into bottles while that pesky trub (inactive yeast and other unwelcome items) stays securely at the bottom.

This system includes the longer 13 inch legs (not the 9 inch legs shown here).



  • (1) 8-Gallon Conical Fermenter (Amber)
  • (1) Fermenter Lid
  • (1) Fermenter Base (includes 13 inch legs)
  • (1) Adjustable Flow Tap Assembly
  • (1) Stick-on Temperature Strip
  • (1) Venting Plug
  • (1) #3 Solid Rubber Stopper
  • (1) Dump Cap
  • (1) Silicone Lid Gasket
  • (1) 3-Piece Airlock
  • (1) #3 Drilled Rubber Stopper


Brewing Note

This unit can be easily fitted with a yeast dump system (sold separately). Sanitize everything that contacts your beer/cider before using.


Fermenter Specs:

  BrewDemon's BDC
Dimensions with Base and 9” legs 13.5" w x 24 h
Dimensions with Base and 13” legs 13.5" w x 28 h
Volume 8.125 gal
Batch Size 5 / 6 gallons
Adjustable Flow Spigot Included
Stick-on Temperature Strip Included
Dump Cap Included
Unique CO2 Venting System Included
Airlock Upgrade Included
Optional Dump System Yes
Conical Design Yes
Large Opening (for easy access) Yes
Smooth Inner Surface Yes
Seamless Spigot Hole Design Yes
Easy to Bottle Yes
Easy to Clean Yes
Makes Great Tasting Beer Yes


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