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Home Brewing Conical Fermenter
SK # 10200

BrewDemon Amber Conical Replacement

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Does not include Lid or Tap Assembly.


This is a replacement item for our 2 gallon conical brewing system. There is no reason to purchase a new fermenting system just because your old fermenter was scratched or damaged. So, go ahead replace that old fermenter with this brand new one, because you have been without home brewed beer for too long already. Each fermenter is made of a heat resistant, food grade PVC plastic that does not impart any flavors into your brew and the amber color helps protect against harmful UV rays. The conical design allows for easy transfer of your beer into bottles while that pesky trub (inactive yeast and other unwelcome items) stays securely at the bottom.



  • (1) BrewDemon Amber Conical Fermenter


Brewing Note

This Little Demon Conical fermenter has a total volume of 3.125 gallons, which is perfect for making 2 and 2.5-gallon batches of beer, cider, wine or mead. Always sanitize before using.


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