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BR Crafted Riwaka Pale Ale (Damaged)
SK # 46401-DMG

BR Crafted Riwaka Pale Ale (Damaged)

Dented or Damaged Cans
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Save 70% - these cans have a best before date of 2/8/19.

This specialty malt will make 2.5 or 3 gallons of beer on its own. See brewing note below.


Our second Crafted release is created using our brewers' favorite pale ale recipe, because of the large amounts of specialty ale malt used, and then adds Riwaka hop pellets from New Zealand hops to the malt at canning. Riwaka hops are one of the popular new varieties from New Zealand hops for the unique citrus aromas that has made it highly demanded by brewers around the world---we just hope we can get enough of them to keep up with demand.



  • (1) 1.7kg can of Black Rock Crafted Riwaka Pale Ale
  • (1) 5g packet of dry brewing yeast (under lid)


Brewing Note

This recipe will taste similar to Sierra Nevada's Pale Ale. Sanitize everything that comes in contact with your beer. Brewed on its own (unlike other malts), this specialty malt will produce 3 gallons of great-tasting beer, or a slightly stronger 2.5 gallon batch. Or make a 6 gallon batch by brewing this with an Unhopped Ultra-Light, or combine 2 cans of RPA for a more powerful hop aroma and bitterness.


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1. Sanitize Your Equipment

Follow the steps outlined in the instructions that came with your kit. You can download these instructions from our Help Desk under Downloads.

2. Making This Recipe

This mix contains malted extract and hops ready for fermentation. Just add water and the included yeast. Since beer is mostly water, the better the water the better your beer. This step should take about 30 minutes.

  • 1. Remove yeast packet from under the lid of your beer mix and stand can in a tub of hot tap water. This will help it pour more easily.
  • 2. Fill your fermenter with a gallon of cold water. For best results, use bottled spring water or charcoal-filtered tap water.
  • 3. Place 4 cups of water into a clean 3-quart pot and bring to a boil.
  • 4. Remove from heat. Then slowly stir in the contents from can until fully dissolved. This mixture is called the wort.
  • 5. Pour the wort into the fermenter. Bring the volume of the fermenter up to the 10.5-quart mark by adding more water. Mix thoroughly. Read the thermometer and wait until the temperature of the wort is between 64°- 82° F before adding the yeast.
  • 6. Add the yeast. Then attach your lid.
  • 7. Place the fermenter out of direct sunlight and maintain a temperature between 64°- 82° F for approximately 7-14 days.
3. Bottle As Directed

Follow the steps outlined in the instructions that came with your kit. You will need ten 1-liter bottles for this size batch.



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