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One Evil Pilsner SS Hopped Malt Extract
SK # 40402-DMG

One Evil Pilsner (Damaged 550g Can)

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Save 70% - these cans are dented or damaged in some way.

This specialty malt will make 1 gallon of beer on its own.


A supernatural force of flavor awaits all who dare ferment this gilded potion of Bohemian legend. This specially formulated hopped malt extract contains: malted barley, water, hops and hop extract. No additives or preservatives. BrewDemon® mixes feature complex blends of specialty malts, combined with the finest hops by master brewers in New Zealand’s famous Speight’s brewery, providing the optimum flavor profiles for world-class beers.



  • (1) 550g can of One Evil Pilsner
  • (1) 2g packet of dry brewing yeast (under lid)


Brewing Note

Brewed on its own (unlike other malts), this specialty malt will produce 1 gallon of great-tasting beer, or combine 2 cans of this malt for a 2 gallon batch.


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