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Twisted Monk Witbier SS Hopped Malt Extract
SK # 40403

Twisted Monk Witbier

Individual Ingredients
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Flavor Profile
ABV : 4.6 %
ABV : Low
ABV : High
IBU : 16
IBU : Low
IBU : Noticeable
SRM : 8
SRM : Light
SRM : Dark
ABV is an estimate of alcohol content given in percent of alcohol by volume
IBU is bitterness shown in international bittering units
SRM is the color based on standard reference method

This specialty malt will make 1 gallon of beer on its own.


No need to be silent about this immortal wheat, perfectly spiced with coriander and orange essence. This specially formulated hopped malt extract contains: malted  wheat, malted barley, water, hops, natural orange essence and coriander seeds. No additives or preservatives. BrewDemon® mixes feature complex blends of specialty malts, combined with the finest hops by master brewers in New Zealand’s famous Speight’s brewery, providing the optimum flavor profiles for world-class beers.



  • (1) 550g can of Twisted Monk Witbier
  • (1) 2g packet of dry brewing yeast (under lid)


Brewing Note

Brewed on its own (unlike other malts), this specialty malt will produce 1 gallon of great-tasting beer, or combine 2 cans of this malt for a 2 gallon batch.


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